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What is FAN Baseball?

FAN Baseball is a pick-up baseball game played most Sundays in the spring and summer. Our season runs from mid-April through just after Labor Day. As weather allows, we also play before and after our season.

Is it softball or baseball?

FAN Baseball is hardball baseball.

Do you use metal/aluminum bats?

No. Our league uses WOOD Bats ONLY.

How much does it cost to play FAN Baseball?

Our fees are as follows: For “regulars” (players who play weekly and are assigned a roster) $250/season. For “rookies” and other “non-regulars” it is $20/game. Fees for “rookies” and “non-regulars” are to be given prior to first pitch.

How do I sign up to play FAN Baseball?

Click the “Rookie Pool Sign-Up” tab in the main menu. If you are a “rookie”/”non-regular”, and for our regulars, please sign up weekly using the “Regulars Sign Up” sub-tab. For each week, we leave spots open on each of our four teams rosters for “rookies.” PLEASE SIGN UP NO LATER THAN THURSDAY 6:00 PM.  Rosters are finalized that evening, and posted on the “Weekly Rosters” page on the site by Friday afternoon. Please check the “Weekly Rosters” on Friday. All “rookies” will get a phone call to confirm their sign-up; please make sure the number you list on the “Sign Up” page is correct.

What do I need to bring to a FAN Baseball Game?

All you need is an awesome attitude! These games started out as a bunch of people getting together to play pick-up games because they missed playing. That energy still courses through FAN Baseball. If you have a glove, bring it! Many players bring their own wood bats, so there will be some for you to use. We play on grass fields (outside of our Opening Day and Championship Day games at Dutchess Stadium, which is a turf field), so appropriate footwear would be recommended for the field. We’ll have the helmets, the bats, and the balls, any other equipment you bring is up to you! If we put you on a team, we’ll let you know what color top you’ll probably wear: blue, orange, green or red. But, like anything in life, things always change!

Are their FAN Baseball uniforms?

Yes. The BROS wear forest green with white trim, the MONGOS wear royal blue with white trim, the SCHMOOZERS are orange with black trim, and the MINKMEN wear navy blue with gold trim.

What do I do if I want to become a Regular?

If you are interested in becoming a “regular”, please indicate that in the “If there is anything we should know…” box on the “Sign Up” page. Each year, some regular roster spots open up. Those who have participated in FAN Baseball in the past as “rookies” and “non-regulars” usually have the first opportunity for these open roster spots. The best way to become a “regular” is to sign-up for weekly games as a “rookie” or “non-regular.”

How fast is the pitching in FAN Baseball?

The pitching speed can typically vary from anywhere 45 – 75 MPH. Many pitchers have multiple pitches in their arsenal from your typical fastball, curveball, change-up, to a wicked knuckleball. If you can control it, it is welcome.

How many innings will I play if I come to a game?

Our managers do a great job at making sure everyone plays as much as they can. While we only allow 9 players in the field defensively, they are consistently rotated each inning. As well, the line-up for each game is as big as that day’s roster; if there are 12 players on a team, those 12 players are in the line-up #1-#12. You will get time in the field, and the average game usually garners at least 3 plate appearances for each player.

Do you play 7 or 9 inning games?

Our games are scheduled for 9 innings, but can be shortened due to time.

Do you play teams from other leagues?

We have rarely played teams in other leagues due to scheduling, but this may be something we branch out to.  You can send an invite to chris@fanbaseballnyc.com.

Where do FAN Baseball games happen?

We typically open and close our season at Dutchess Stadium in Wappingers Falls, NY. Regular season games in 2017 are mostly scheduled between three parks in the tri-state area, 2 in Queens and 1 on Randall’s Island. See the locations page for further details. We may also venture to other parks in the tri-state area.

Are there umpires?

Yes. We typically have one umpire, usually behind home plate.

How did FAN Baseball start?

FAN Baseball was started when Evan Roberts wanted to get a baseball game together. On his show on WFAN, he asked if there was anyone like him who wants to get a game going. People responded and through Twitter, FAN Baseball was born as “TWITTER BASEBALL.”  Thanks to people like Evan, Eli Langer, George Spencer, and so many more, it grew to be what it is today.  Some who played Twitter Baseball early on have gone to great achievements as well.  James Ward, who was an original “Twitter Baseball” player, once was an Intern at WFAN. He is now a producer at the CBS Sports Network!

Are there any videos or game video?

Yes, we have our own YouTube channel that you can check out here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGfavTGqqdoxV3s2wZXfVdw

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